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Sign up for Spanish A1.1 classes

Send us your application for Spanish A1.1 group classes at
the Dialectos Spanischschule & Deutschule:


Your application has been send!We will contact you as soon as possible!

General Information

  • With your sign-up we will reserve a spot in your group class in Spanish A1.1 for beginners

    • Your class is at least for three months.

    • A maximum of 7 students will take part in your class.

    • It is not possible to try out in beginner classes!

  • After sign-up you will receive a bill over 98€ for the down-payment of the fee for the fist month.

  • With the payment your sign-up will be completed and your Spanish experience will begin!

  • In case this Spanish class will not happen, we will inform you and refund the payment.

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